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The Chianti Rufina

The present Chianti Rufina area was in part delimited in the Bando (Proclamation) issued by Cosimo III de’ Medici, Granduca di Toscana, in 1716.

The aim of the law was to border four areas in Tuscany for the production of wines that could be sold under the area name: Pomino, Valdarno, Carmignano and Chianti. In 1967 Chianti Rufina obtained the d.o.c. and in 1984 the d.o.c.g. Today the Chianti Rufina appellation, extending over 750 hectares, is the smallest appellation of Chianti.

Due to the peculiar characters of the area, the famous Italian journalist Luigi Veronelli, already back in the seventies, invited the producers to achieve a separate appellation “Rufina”, a challenge that unfortunately has not yet been seized.

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